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Changes to DDNR Program PDF Print E-mail

EMS providers should be aware of recent changes to Virginia's "Durable Do Not Resuscitate" (DDNR) program. The Code of Virginia has been changed to mandate that only the person named on the DDNR form may rescind that order. No longer may a next-of-kin holding a power of attorney or anyone other than the person named on the form  rescind a DDNR order. The ONLY exception is when the person named is a minor in which case the person authorized to consent on the minor's behalf may rescind the order.

Also, it will now be allowable for a Nurse Practitioner to sign a DDNR form, as well as a physician. To read the memo from the Virginia Office of EMS, click here. Questions should be addressed to Michael Berg, Regulations and Compliance Manager with the Virginia Office of EMS. For his contact information, click here.