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How does the LFEMSC system respond ?
The LFEMS system means that expert medical care is provided immediately to any seriously ill or injured person living in Frederick, Page, Warren, Clarke, and Shenandoah counties, and the City of Winchester. LFEMS ensures that the best medical resources are available to everyone - at the scene of an accident, en route to the hospital, and in the Emergency Room.

What does LFEMSC teach ?
The LFEMS Council is responsible for training and preparing emergency medical personnel, including First Responders and emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) at the Basic, Shock-Trauma, Cardiac and Paramedic levels. These individuals learn to identify life-threatening situations, stabilize patients' conditions, use telemetry equipment, begin intravenous solutions and administer medications as ordered by a physician. Once this initial training is completed, the Council organizes and coordinates continuing education for all EMS providers to update and refresh their skills.

What does LFEMSC certify ?
The LFEMS Council is an American Heart Association CPR Training Center, training and certifying citizens in the lifesaving techniques of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. The Council conducts Heartsaver and Basic Rescuer courses throughout the council region, and offers additional training for CPR Instructors and Instructor-Trainers. Since 1984, the Council has certified over 80,000 people in CPR. Classes are offered in many locations around the Council region - contact the Council Office for further information.

How does the LFEMSC keep the public informed of EMS issues ?
Public information and education is one of the Council's most important functions. The Council informs and educates the public about EMS in our community in many different ways, such as speaking to civic clubs and groups, providing displays at health fairs and career days, distributing a wide variety of printed material, speaking at public hearings, and providing information to radio stations and newspapers for publication. The Council also has a number of EMS-related films, videotapes, and slide presentations available for use to the public.

How does the LFEMSC organize it's activities ?
The LFEMSC continually assesses the region's emergency medical needs and services, coordinates regional emergency resources, and participates in statewide EMS planning with the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services.

How do I get involved ?
Become an EMS provider. Volunteer as a member of a rescue squad or First Responder company. Take a CPR class. Provide financial support to your nearby rescue squad and/or fire company. Or, take action to ensure that the LFEMSC has the best emergency medical services available.
If interested in volunteering call us on our recruitment line: 540-722-6565