FBI Background Checks: EFFECTIVE July 1, 2014 Print

Please review the updated information concerning FBI background checks that states that any person who, on or after July 1, 2013, applies to be a volunteer with, or employee of, an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency must submit fingerprints and provide personal descriptive information to be forwarded by the Office of EMS along with his fingerprints through the Central Criminal Records Exchange (CCRE) of the Virginia State Police to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, for the purpose of conducting a state and national criminal history check. Click here for the full article. For any additional information, please visit the Office of EMS website at www.vdh.virginia.gov/oems, or contact Michael Berg, manager of Regulation and Compliance, 804-888-9100 or 800-523-6019 (VA only).

Fingerprinting forms are NOW AVAILABLE at the Council office Mon-Fri 8am to 4pm. Providers will need to take the form to their local police or sheriff's department to be completed. Upon completion, they'll need to return the form directly to the VA Office of EMS or to the Council office for submission. This new regulation DOES apply to junior members as well. Livescan that's now utilized at some of the local police departments is NOT acceptable. The hard copy needs to be submitted to the VA Office of EMS either directly or thru the Regional EMS Council office. For questions, please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at the Council office. 

Additional questions that were posed to the Office of EMS regarding the upcoming fingerprinting process include:

  • How does an EMS agency know if a person is approved or authorized to obtain fingerprints that will be accepted by VSP?

                This question will need to be answered by VSP or DCJS – I am not knowledgeable on this topic.

  •  What information, if any, needs to be on the fingerprint card other than the “Signature of Official Taking Fingerprints?”

                The fingerprint technician will know from their required training and policies what information is to be included on the cards. (source: VSP).

  •  Will retired or former law enforcement officers who were once authorized to obtain fingerprints but are no longer employed by a law enforcement agency be allowed to obtain them for this process?

                This is a question to be answered by VSP or DCJS, I am not knowledgeable on this topic.

  • FAQ 7:  Is my reading of the answer correct in that EVERY person employed by or who volunteers for an EMS agency in ANY capacity must be fingerprinted and submit to a background check?  This includes persons who have no patient contact. Examples posed recently are mechanics employed by EMS agencies, clerical staff in billing offices, receptionists, emergency managers and planners, and dispatchers.

                Your are correct – the Code is very clear on this.

  • Has a contractor who has been provided work space in the facilities of an EMS Agency to perform work for that Agency established an Affiliation with that agency, and must they also be fingerprinted and submit to a background investigation?

                See the above answer – anyone seeking affiliation or employment…

  • Can an agency inform OEMS of whom they would like results sent to, other than the chief executive officer?  Many agencies, large and small have human resource committees, HR departments, and HR officers handling applicant screening processes.   Having results delivered directly to them will expedite on-boarding and unclutter a CEO’s inbox.

               As noted in the process – we will be emailing the results (PDF format) to the email of record in our agency file and a hard copy will come in the mail.

  • May an EMS agency submit the fingerprints of incumbent members who have affiliated prior to July 1, 2014 for the purpose of obtaining a determination on that member’s ability to affiliate?

               I am only able to process requests for those individuals who apply for affiliation or employment AFTER July 1, 2014.

  • Are there any record keeping requirements for the document an Agency receives from OEMS containing the decision about an applicant’s ability to affiliate?  Can the original document be maintained by the Agency or does it need to be destroyed?

               The form letter provided should be kept in the individuals personnel and/or training file , available for the OMES representative upon request and/or inspection.

For complete information from the VA Office of EMS, click here for their web page.